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Pulse-Jet Cartridge Systems for filtration of welding, laser, and plasma fumes.

Media Type Collectors, machine mount, floor standing or ceiling hung. For machining centers, mills, grinders, and other applications when liquids and solids are both present.

Solder Fume Collectors for direct removal of Solder Smoke and Soldering Fumes, spot welding fumes, chemical fumes, etc...

Electrostatic Precipitators, ducted or machine mount for coolant mist and oil smoke.

Ambient Filters

Welding Fume Collectors:
Source Capture Arms for direct removal of welding fumes, packaging dust, chemical fumes, wet and dry machining, etc...

Portables a versatile solution for removal of welding fumes and other fine powders such as graphite dust.

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NorTech Industrial
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