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Pulse-Jet Cartridge Systems for filtration of dry/free-flowing powders, dusts, and fumes. Applications include grinding, welding, plastic dust, and fine powder collection as part of materials handling process.

Cyclones for collection of heavy particles and high loadings. Available with after-filters for increased collection efficiency.

Pulse-Jet Bag House Systems for high volume and high loading applications, elevated temperatures, and fibrous dust collection. Applications include wood working, rock/earth products crushing/screening, and dryers.

Wet collectors for use with flammable metals such as Aluminum, Titanium, and Magnesium.

More info about Wet Dust Collectors

Tube-type shaker systems for fibrous dusts such as wood-working, paper, and textiles.

Balloon Bag systems for inexpensive control of wood-working, paper, and textile dusts.

Envelope Shaker Systems and Cabinet Collectors provide efficient, cost effective control of dry dusts from sanding, grinding, welding, and other processes. Typically used for light to moderate concentrations.

More info about Envelope Shaker Systems and Cabinet Dust Collectors

Downdraft Tables direct capture for grinding, and sanding, Also used for smoke collection. Larger tables can be used for plasma, laser, and oxy-fuel cutting operations.
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