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F62B - Electronic Air Cleaners
The F62B Air Cleaner - a Commercial Air Filtration System

Featuring the unique Coanada airflow pattern, the F62B electronic air cleaner takes advantage of hot process dynamics - the natural tendency of particles to rise along with the heat created by industrial processes. Polluted indoor air naturally enters the bottom of the air cleaner, and clean air recalculates in all four directions back to the work area. Each F62B creates its own airflow, minimizing sizing and placement problems. This Coanada electronic air cleaner can be positioned directly above the source of the contaminant to capture pollutants before they have a chance to disperse.

-Abbreviated Specifications-
For the F62B Electronic Air Cleaners

(download PDF at bottom for full specifications)
Power Input: 120 Vac, 60 Hz, Single Phase 8.7 Amps
208-240 Vac, 60 Hz, Single Phase, 3.9 Amps
208-240 Vac, 60 Hz, Three Phase, 3.4 Amps
440-480 Vac, 60 Hz, Three Phase, 1.7 Amps
Electronic Cells: 2 included providing 218 square feet of surface area
Efficiency: Up to 95% based on ASHRAE 52-76 test method
Power Supply: Self-regulating, dual voltage, industrial rated power supply
Motor: 3/4 hp maintenance free motor.
Accessories: Optional Canopy Hood, Drain Pan, Remote Control Kit and Carbon Filter

*Air Filtration unit comes completely prewired and includes a 10' power cord with molded plug. Motor upgrades and additional filter options available.

COANDA EFFECT vs. Pass-thru Air Patterns for the Ceiling-Mounted COANDA Air Cleaners

The diagrams below show how unique four-way (360 degree) air recirculation system works.  Air movement experts refer to it as the "Coanda Aerodynamic Principle" which is the most efficient way to circulate air.

diagram of AQE's unique COANDA system used in their air cleaners
  • We take advantage of and work with the natural, upward movement of air vs. the old-fashioned, horizontal approach.
  • Our air cleaners are installed directly overhead in problem areas to isolate and capture smoke BEFORE it disperses.
  • It eliminates "Dead Spots"; hence it is more efficient in overall cleaning.
  • The more uniform, ceiling-to-floor air circulation saves on heating and cooling.  There are NO HEAVY DRAFTS as with the "pass-thru" units.
  • In many applications, one of our COANDA air cleaners will do a better job than two "pass'thru" units.

Download PDF Brochure: F62B.PDF

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