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Coanda Systems - Proprietary design offers better air filtration performance than "push-pull" systems. The coanda airflow pattern does more work per CFM, and systems can be placed above the source for direct capture of smoke. Efficient, three-speed propeller fan yields high flow rates with very low noise levels. Electrostatic filters will drain when used in areas where mist or oil smoke is present. Maintenance requires a periodic dip cleaning of the cells, normally every few months. Results are typically an 80%-90% decrease in the overall level of airborne contaminants. We have lots of these operating in welding and grinding shops, where ducted/source-capture of individual machines is not practical.
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Push-Pull Media Type Systems - These air cleaners use disposable filters and are normally used for dust control or where combinations of dust and mist are present. Cost per CFM is very low when compared to an electrostatic system. Wood shops, auto body, welding shops, and ceramics studios use this type of system. Buffing/grinding rooms can also be effectively ventilated using this system. The 40% efficient pre-filters may need replacement every few weeks, with the 95% efficient bags going for several months to a year.

Push-Pull Electrostatic Systems Configured in a closed loop pattern this style is used in much the same way as the media filtration system, but for smoke and mist. Certain applications require the use of an electrostatic system but cannot make use of the Coanda pattern. This style fills that need.

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